Stork Babies

Original Stork Reborn Babies

Everyone knows where babies come from… the stork drops them off! So we are very excited to bring you Stork Reborn Babies. What is a Stork Baby you ask? We will create a baby just for you.

You decide on boy or girl, open or closed eyes, skin tone and bald or rooted hair. We choose a kit of our choice and create a one of a kind baby. The babies will be between 17-20″ and like all of our reborns, will have paci magnets, a baby scent wafer, weighted with polyfil and fine glass beads to feel like a real newborn and carefully painted with Ultimate Fusion air dry paints, high pigment powders and sealed. The baby will be delivered all wrapped up in a Stork Delivery Bundle to keep it safe and secure while it travels to you. Babies will come in a diaper fresh from the stork. We will include a onesie, baby blanket, pacifier and a few other goodies a newborn would need.

When a baby is born, the parents are always surprised to see what the little one looks like on the day it comes into the world. The same when the Angels Among Us Reborn Stork drops off your baby, you’ll be surprised and delighted to meet your baby for the first time. We will do a photo shoot before your baby travels and will post them after the baby is safely dropped off by the stork.

For those on a tight budget, we have decided to offer the stork reborn babies as budget babies. They will still be quality reborns and use the same paints, sealers, filling, etc but will have a bit less detail. This way, we hope more people will be able to fulfill their dream of adopting a reborn baby.

Stork babies will be:
Bald close eyed $199
Bald open eyed $229 
Lightly rooted closed eyed $299
Lightly rooted open eyed $329
AA or ethnic skin tone +$20
Alternative – depends on what you are wanting

Price doesn’t include shipping. We ship USPS priority with extra insurance and signature confirmation to sure you received your baby.

Here’s an example of one of our Stork Babies

Contact us to reserve your stork reborn baby and we’ll get started for you!