Welcome to Angels Among Us Reborns nursery. We create lifelike reborn baby dolls. These babies are great therapy dolls for those with Alzheimer’s or Dementia as well as those suffering from anxiety and depression, the loss of a child or the loss of not being able to have children. Many collectors love them for what they are… one of a kind pieces of art. Our babies are not toys or intended for children’s play.

We enjoy creating a variety of dolls, such as newborns, older babies, toddlers and even alternative babies such as fairies, elves, galaxy babies and… well, just take a look at our page and see! We are extremely excited to introduce our new Stork Babies! Visit their page to learn more. Be sure to like our Facebook page below to keep up to date on what’s next!

Angels Among Us Reborns
Angels Among Us Reborns
Available babies pictured on this post.
Policy and prices:
Interested in a reborn baby? This may help or check out our page www.angelsamongusreborns.com for more info
We offer quality reborn babies for adoption. We try to have ready to travel babies available at all times but we also accept custom orders and stork baby reservations. There are literally hundreds of kits to choose from and so many options. Options include: kit, open or closed eyes, size: (preemie, newborn, toddler), boy or girl, bald or rooted, color of hair, eye color, skin tone.
Ready to travel babies can be found by going to our photos; albums; see all. There will be an album for each baby marked available or adopted.
Cost of a doll depends on kit used as well as options. We try to keep affordable choices but please keep in mind, eyes, bodies, materials used to assemble, paints and sealers are not included when we buy a kit and have to be purchased separately and shipped to us. Quality mohair is quite costly as well.
Ready to travel babies - check albums for availability or see pics below in this post
Custom babies - contact us for pricing
Stork babies (see our website, angelsamongusreborns.com for details):
Bald close eyed $149
Bald open eyed $169
Lightly rooted closed eyed $249
Lightly rooted open eyed $269
Alternative - depends on what you are wanting
Stork babies come in onesie with a magnet pacifier, diaper, blanket, toy and birth certificate.
Shipping in the US is $30+ & includes extra insurance, tracking and signature confirmation (you must sign to receive)
Shipping overseas is usually close to $100
We know not everyone has a ton of money to bring home their dream baby so we do offer time adoptions which is payment plans to let you pay the baby over time.
A non refundable deposit is required to hold a doll or to start a custom. We send out invoices as goods services to protect the buyer and seller. Doll will ship after it and shipping fees are paid in full. We normally ship USPS priority with full insurance and signature confirmation to ensure the baby is delivered right to you.
We think everyone deserves to own the baby they want but please understand we can't afford to make them for free to give one to everyone. We will work with you though. And we will do a fun GIVEAWAY every now and then. Contact us today to get started or to bring home one of our ready to travel babies.
Angels Among Us Reborns
Angels Among Us Reborns
A beautiful Stork baby was delivered to his new home. πŸ™‚
Stork babies are surprise babies the stork brings you. You pick boy/girl, bald/rooted, sleeping/awake and then we surprise you with a beautiful baby. Prices $149-$269+shipping
Angels Among Us Reborns
Angels Among Us Reborns
For those wanting more pics
Angels Among Us Reborns
Angels Among Us Reborns
Looking for a home
Angels Among Us Reborns
Angels Among Us Reborns
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Angels Among Us Reborns
Angels Among Us Reborns
Little Jenny can't decide if she wants to be a unicorn or a puppy dog. Made from the Realborn Jenny Awake kit, she is 19" long and weighs 4lbs 15 oz. She has full arms and legs. Jenny has been hand rooted with strawberry blond mohair and has brown eyes. She has been painted with Ultimate Fusion air dry paints, high pigment powders and sealed. Filled with quality polyfil and fine glass beads. Jenny also has a magnet for pacifier (will be included with her) but we forgot to get a picture. She comes in her adorable dalmation sleeper with matching blanket and puppy toy. Message us if you'd like to bring this cutie home.